Skincare Designed for Skin of Colour

Gentle and effective formulations, optimised for darker skin 

Why Choose Us?

 Welcome to 'Skincare Approved by G'! The first skincare retailer in Trinidad and Tobago supplying products exclusively to persons with Skin of Colour (SOC).   These persons experience different issues from persons with Caucasian skin and therefore require different products, routines and treatments. We are a proud authorised reseller of the Dr. Vanita Rattan range of products.

Skincare Approved by G's goal is to promote skin care habits and to provide products which will ensure minimum irritation but maximum efficacy. We are dedicated to providing you with the very best of skincare products focusing on dependability and customer service.

We are working to promoting our passion for skincare for persons with Skin of Colour into a successful online distributor.

We hope to have you enjoy our products as enthusiastically as we enjoy introducing them to you.

"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better."

Maya Angelou
American Memoirist

About Us


Store Owner

I am a trained Human Resource Professional with an MBA in Human Resource Management-Training and Development and have amassed fifteen (15) years corporate experience in that discipline.

I decided to embark on a new career path which led me to be involved in my family's Physiotherapy Clinic. During that period I became very aware of the multi-faceted world of wellness. I settled into the area of skin care and began immersing myself in the vast amounts of available knowledge. Some recommendations therein led me to experiment with my teenage daughter and myself as we both had skin challenges. I can say now that I am beginning to see the best skin of my life and regret not knowing about the regimen earlier.

I am the proud promoter of products and treatments which ensure minimum irritation but maximum efficacy.

The love of skincare has prompted the birth of the business Skincare Approved by G, to share and promote with those persons who believe in following a similar skincare philosophy.

Thank you for allowing me to take you on this journey.

Best regards,